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Announcing Our New Name!

Congratulations to Emily Mirrilees for suggesting our new name "Suits & Daggers"! Emily will be receiving a copy of "Coup", the "Reformation" expansion and also a copy of our game when it releases!

We had so many great suggestions, it took the better part of the evening to pick. Here are some other fantastic names that went into our final consideration that deserve some kudos:

  • Cubicle Wars - Suggested by Bert Schepler

  • Cubicle Warfare - Suggested by Matt Sandler and Donald Henry

  • Cubicle Zoo - Suggested by Shannon Horwitz

  • Inhumane Resources - Suggested by Scott James

  • ReplyAll - Suggested by Elise Riker

  • Corporate Combat - Suggested by Brad Matthews

  • Corporate Hustle - Suggested by Adam Michaud

  • Hire-Archy Suggested by Joseph Hamilton

And a few that made me laugh:

  • Office PoliTICKS (Tick-Themed) Suggested by Nicholas Brouilette

  • Re: Copyright Infringement Suggested by Rob Mattsson

  • Kicked in the Cubicles Suggested by Johannah Simon

  • Corporate Ladder: Climb & Punishment Suggested by Iain Mirrilees

Once again, thank you all for participating and for your clever ideas!

Over the next week, you'll see us slowly rebranding our site, social channels and the game itself. Keep an eye out for our next update which will summarize all the latest changes to the game, apart from our new name!



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