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"This game is ​highly interactive and incentivizes players to be engaged in all other players' turns... If you like negotiating, backstabbing, social deduction and take-that all wrapped up into one package, then this is a game you absolutely have to look into!"

- When Harry Met Board Games

"We loved the high jinx of the blind Objective completion and wondering if we would get caught for slacking. The bluffing and target cards make for an exciting challenge during the game. Suits & Daggers does an excellent job showing the playful side of climbing the corporate ladder."

- Nerdz Garage

Suits & Daggers:
A Bluffing Board Game

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A sneaky, quick-playing 2-8 player race to the top!

This is a game for you, if you like:

  • Bluffing & Negotiation

  • Secret Identities & Social Deduction

  • Party-Style Games with Personality


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The Rulebook

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"Suits & Daggers" is currently available free for print-and-play and on as a virtual playing environment.

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